Vasiliki Polykreti graduated from the Physiotherapy Department of the University of
West Attica in 2019 and conducted her six-month internship at KAT hospital. In parallel with her studies and after the completion of them, she worked in large private treatment centres. In 2019 she completed the Professional Training Programme of Health Professionals in Acupuncture (Hellenic Physiotherapy Society of Algology and KEDIBIM of University of West Attica). In 2022 she completed her post-graduate specialization
in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Orthopedic Manual Therapist) Hellenic OMT Diploma.
Since 2020 she has been specialised in Clinical Pilates and has also attended Numerous specialization seminars in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain management. Since 2022 she is a postgraduate student of the MSc "Therapeutic Exercise" of the Department of Physiotherapy of the University of Patras.